Dog Training Services

My goal as a trainer is to help you build a bond with your dog,which will last.
  • Private lessons at your house

one lesson at your house or package of 3,or 5 lessons,each visit is 70-80 min long.

  • Private consultation-training at my place(zip 48048) is 65$ per hour

  • Dog boarding-training at my house, dog camp.

I will not train your dog to listen me or you,just because he wearing a shock collar, I don`t believe

that intimidating your dog by placing electric collar on his neck and holding remote all day long is Training…

  • Training-consultation at client`s house-hour long,price depends on

distance I travel. Mileage fee is  80 cents per mile round trip.

Board and Training is the most effective and efficient training program. This service is custom based on the goals YOU have. 

I do not exceed 2 dogs boarding at our location at one time. The dogs receive a real life scenario experience while staying with me. Dogs are constantly working and learning skills all day long everyday.Dogs are taken to public places .

 New clients interested in boarding & training must schedule as consultation first. This is a requirement.


Boarding and Training is offered in the following increments 2, 4, 6 and 8 week programs.

I will recommend which program is best suited for your dog based on the consultation.

Boarding and training programs come with two to four free private lessons after the dog comes home.      

Our 2 week program is priced at $1500

Our 4 week program is priced at $2700

Our 6 week program is priced at $4,200

Our 8 week program is priced at $6,400

Invoices for our boarding and training must be paid in full at the time of the booking.


Enrolled dogs must be a minimum of 12 weeks, have a clear bill of health, have proof of vaccinations , previous monthly de-worming (Heartworm and Intestinal Worms) as well as be on a monthly flea and tick preventative.

Most clients will choose our 4-6 week programs for puppy training, life scenario socialization and basic behavior modification. For more advanced work such as aggression cases, socialization issues, advance obedience training, service dog basic training, etc, we do offer an 8 week program.


Please carefully consider your schedule, commitment to training, and your dog before registering for class or board and training program. I do not offer a monetary refunds of any kind. If a dog owner choose to un-enroll from our program during attendance, they have still taken up a spot that could have been used by another client and no refund will be given.

Our dog training programs form a partnership between our client, their dog. The success of training depends on me and also on the owner following up on the homework and strategies that I used for training a particular dog

For dogs who have completed our program I offer a Lifetime Guarantee.  This means that we will continue to work with owners who are working hard to keep dog results on high level, and following my recommendations for as long as it takes.  Restrictions apply. 

Boarding is available.

Dog boarding(at my house) is $38 per night per dog.Second dog from same family is $ 30 (if they will share kennel).

Holiday price is $42. Price for my ex clients(who did board-n-training)is 35$.Checkout time 1pm.

You drop and pick up dog.or I can pick up and drop for extra fee. If your dog is dog friendly-he will  play with other friendly dogs all day long in secured fenced area, included in  price.I can play fetch and let your dog swim in our lake,if you want water activities. Or train your dog to run with bike.

THERAPY dog training-from basic to Therapy dog International certification

Service dog training is available.

Please,read this info about Therapy and Service dogs regulations

My view on training with shock collars as only way of training:training, desire and bond is what makes our dogs so special. Most users of shock collars, have no idea how to use them and have never spent a minute training their dog to stop the bad behavior. We live in a quick fix society, where we want a pill to make us skinny, despite the fact that we eat 2500 calories a day for the past 30 years. It’s this mentality that makes a person see a shock collar as a solution to their problem. And it’s wrong.


  • Basic canine obedience training

  • Advanced canine obedience training

  • Housebreaking (Puppies and older dogs)

  • Training for older dogs

  • Canine socialization

  • Off-leash training

  • Leadership exercises

  • Physical rehabilitation services

  • Behavior modification for timid dogs

  • Aggression management towards children and strangers

  • Separation anxiety

  • Barking, chewing, digging resolution

  • Clicker training

  • Dog fitness(for dogs who need extra activity or for obese pets)

  • Dog walking