Location:  Lenox,48048

Location: Lenox,48048

About Katerina Rekowski

Katerina Rekowski is a certified dog trainer in Macomb county. She has been specializing in aggression management and obedience for nearly 20 years. Katerina’s unique approach included a system that she has developed through years of research and personal experience.

Katerina will teach you what you need to do for your dog. Katerina Rekowski  graduated from the Rostov State University of  Economics with a Master Degree in economical science in 2002. She graduated from Animal Behavior College in 2010 as Certified Dog obedience trainer. Katerina started training dogs as a child. She began with a Spitz mix, Shura, competing in agility events for teens.In 1994 she became owner of Central asian ovcharka (alabay)and later start to breed them. She began  private lessons in 2000 in her home city in Russia.

Katerina lives with her husband in Lenox twp.  and own 5 dogs,4 central asian shepherds,she imported from Moscow, and American bulldog Bulka. Bulka took part in Weight pulling competition in Flint in 2009 as beginner.